I animated some bushes, blocks, and trees for my friends over at Gunner to help bring this important story to life! I tagged-teamed the animation with a few others so I've listed my roles for each shot:
Animation: all. the. key. frames. I had a blast trying to pack all those subtle movements in there
Animation: character, trees/shadows
Animation: door, pathway, trees/shadows 
Animation: camera, bushes, grass, trees

Client: 270 Strategies
Directed By: Gunner
Illustration: Ian Sigmon, Nick Forshee
Animation: Ian Sigmon, Nick Forshee, Marcus Bakke, David Jouppi, John Hughes
Sound Design & Music: Sono Sanctus
The Porch - Promo
The Biggest Story: Animation
Prone to Wander
Prometheus Style Frames
VH1 - Logo Animation
Explosion Style Frames
Allianz Pitch
Abstract Study
The Bleak Midwinter
2014 Demo Reel
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