These style frames were created for my Design for Motion class at SCAD with professor Austin Shaw. For this project, I was tasked with creating style frames in a Modern/Naïve aesthetic, with the Prometheus myth as my driving concept. These boards explore the story of Prometheus, as defined in Greek mythology, in an abstracted narrative form. 
The final boards contain visual references to Greek pottery, a medium through which mythology was passed down to younger generations. In the myth, Prometheus creates man out of clay. This was another basis for the use of pottery at the beginning of my board. Prometheus also gives man the gift of fire, which is a catalyst for all the events that occur throughout the rest of the myth. The fire brings forth conflict with Zeus, who then creates Pandora, who, consequently, brings her chaos into the world. The final frame shows Prometheus's chained hand in captivity- a result of his attempt to benefit the human race against Zeus's will.  
Preliminary Sketches
The Biggest Story: Animation
Lyft x Taco Bell
2014 Demo Reel
Summer Sailing
Jungle Man
Travel Channel - Network ID
Allianz Pitch
AJWS - "Child Marriage"
The Bleak Midwinter
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