This was a promotional piece for The Porch, the college group at my church in Savannah, GA.
Design, Animation, Cinematography, Compositing, Color: John Hughes
Copywriting: John Hughes, Josh Callandret, Brady Rish, Alexis Ellis

Logo Design: Chris Mayers
Music: Oil Thumbprints – Bexar Bexar

Footage was shot on Canon 7D and 5D MKII using a tripod & 50mm f/ 1.8
Software: AfterEffects, Photoshop
Explosion Style Frames
Prone to Wander
The Bleak Midwinter
2014 Demo Reel
The Biggest Story: Animation
Allianz Pitch
Abstract Study
VH1 - Logo Animation
Prometheus Style Frames
AJWS - "Child Marriage"
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